Want to Watch Tv on Mobile ? 5 Best Android apps that Really works


Now its the Time when lots Live TV apps comes in the market and Every app comes with Best Features & specification . Some time ago the Watching Tv on Mobile phone was Looks like Impossible . But it is possible now and anyone can Watch their Favorite tv serials online just they need to Have android , windows or IOS smartphone.

When we want to watch Live television online which Covers most of channels then only 3 apps comes in my Mind first is HotStar app , Second is Ditto tv App and the third one is Jio Tv app which is Most popular now .

There is Lots of app Available that provide the same Service , Same way and on almost same Fees . But there is Huge difference Between them , The difference is not all provide all thing .

Watch tv on mobile

HotStar app

First let’s me Tale about Hotstar app , its amazing App which Gives you ability to Serials , Movies , Live Cricket matches online and You can Watch tv on mobile . But there is Limitation , its provide the only Star networks Channels which is Not fare for Every internet user. It also offers live Tv but it is available For premium Users only.

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Ditto Tv app

On other hand Ditto Tv app is also Good and It Consume very less Memory of your Mobile space . Users can watch only 105 + Live Tv Channels which is not Include Most famous entertainment channel of Star networks .

Actually it Didn’t include any star networks channel . But its Include Colors , Zee tv , &Tv and some others which is Not available in HotStar app.You also have to pay Subscription charge to use its Service.

Colors Tv app

Colors Tv app for only the Colors Channel lovers because You can’t watch any other Channel. It is like Video on demand application , You can watch any Serial show online when ever You want. This Live tv app didn’t Charge any subscription Fees from the users but it will Show Advertisement which may be irritating for some Users.


Video On demand app & one of the Strongest competitor of of HotStar . Provides all of videos tv Show, Movies which is already aired on Viacom18 tv networks. Most of users Complain that it Doesn’t works propelry in low end Devices and Weak networks

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It also shows Much more ad then any other Live tv app that Listed on this post.

Jio Tv app

Lastly When we talks about Jio Tv app which is Available only For jio sim cards users its Completely free . You don’t have to pay any Subscription amount just active Internet connection is Enough .

Jio Tv has more then 368 Tv channels which Includes all Your favorite channels which is available in Hotstar and Ditto. Reliance jio Tv also offers Hotstar Premium content Free which actually charge 199 rs Monthly . if you are Jio Sim card then you can also watch all your Hotstar show live too.

So which is best app to Watch tv on mobile …

Its Simple no one wants to pay the money from their Pockets if still Internet data will deduct to Watching Television online . We can’t consider Ditto as perfect app becouse we have to pay money to use it.

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Hotstar a perfect app which is Free but If we use it with Jio Tv then all of its Premium Content comes free .

In my opinion JioTv is best option to Watch television online its Includes More then 368 channels which is highest in number . If you are using Jio mobile Number then you don’t have to worry about Internet charges till they Continue the Free 4G service without any Recharge.