Trick to watch YouTube videos in Slow motion & Fast forward online


With the High end computer browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari & Microsoft Internet Explorer anyone Can watch YouTube videos in slow motion. But you need to apply just one Little trick, To know how Follow this Guide

YouTube.Com, The highest rated website by google is not only the source to Entertainment, music & Videos even most of time we use it to found most useful information. This online video video player is Strong alternative of traditional offline video player.

But one the most important thing that we always miss the Videos players is Their Slow Motions & fast forward options. These options will helps us to watch a video without missing anything.

YouTube videos in Slow motion

Both of these option will be Very helpful to dancers who just Saw a Awesome dance move in a video and want to copy it. Not only for the Dancers, sometime YouTube Slow motion feature will be helpful for normal internet users too who want to watch a Video in slower speed.

The Good news is this option is available on, But its available for some selected browsers only. But in most of cases users need to activate this feature, To know how ? follow the steps below.

Update #1 Developers recently added the feature to Fast forward video in official YouTube app. Now the Viewers can tap to Fast forward any video in IOS and android smartphones, But Slowmotion isn’t available in app till yet.

How to Watch YouTube video in slow motion

To enable this Feature First make sure that you have HTML 5 supported desktop browser. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari & Microsoft Internet Explorer is few example.

  1. First Sign up for YouTube’s HTML 5 Video Player, After visiting the link YouTube HTML5 video player will be activate on your Computer browser.
  2. Depend on the browser you are are using .
  3. Head over to and Find any video that you want to watch online.
  4. Click on Gear/Setting icon in Video now its which allows you to slow down or speed up the YouTube Videos.
  5. Depend on Choice you can Watch YouTube videos in Slow motion , on Any YouTube Videos in Fast forward.

That’s the Short tutorial which will helps to watch YouTube videos in Slow motion & fast forward.


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