What Bank does cash app use for direct deposit

If you’re a Cash App user who enjoys seamless direct deposits, you might be curious about the bank making it possible. The answer involves a partnership between two banks – let’s explore!

Cash App’s Direct Deposit Partners

Cash App works with two FDIC-insured banks to bring you direct deposit:

  • Lincoln Savings Bank: This is the bank that directly handles your incoming deposits. They provide your unique Cash App routing and account numbers, which you’ll share with your employer or payer.
  • Sutton Bank: Sutton Bank supports Cash App’s overall financial features, including their debit card (Cash Card) and transactions within the app.

How Direct Deposit Works with Cash App

  1. Set Up: In your Cash App, locate your routing and account numbers (find them under the “Banking” tab). Give these to your employer or payer.
  2. Receive Funds: Expect your paycheck or benefits to arrive within 1-3 business days, based on your employer’s payroll schedule (and any bank holidays).

Why Use Cash App for Direct Deposit?

  • Convenience: Forget trips to the bank – your money flows straight to your Cash App balance.
  • Speed: No waiting on a check, funds often arrive quickly.
  • Access: Your balance is instantly ready for transfers, payments, or other Cash App features.


Cash App’s team-up with Lincoln Savings Bank (and their broader partnership with Sutton Bank) gives you a secure and efficient way to handle direct deposits. Now you know where those paycheck funds land!

With its user-friendly interface, fast processing times, and FDIC insurance, Cash App offers a reliable direct deposit solution for individuals seeking a modern and efficient way to manage their finances.

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