WhatsApp Unsend feature will be enabled in next version


It happens with all of us, We send a text to someone on WhatsApp and few minutes latter you wish that This message can’t be reach where you wants to send that Few moment ago. Well currently its not possible but for now The most popular social messaging plateform is working on a brand new feature that makes it possible. Yes Facebook finally start working on WhatsApp Unsend feature which will helps you to un-send the message that you Already sent. If you send something something to someone by mistake than you can use this feature to delete that message from WhatsApp servers and Recipient mobile phone too so the person whom we sent something will not be able to see that text/Image/Video/Audio. In past we can just only delete the Text from our phones only but now similar to Facebook status we can delete from all over the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Unsend feature will be available in Future versions of WhatsApp mobile application for sure. Developers already start working on this Feature and if we believes on the news on Few reputed tech and telecom news sites then this Feature is now on Testing face. Soon it will be roll out for WhatsApp beta users.

Once its testing will done and if there is no problem will appear in beta testing/Beta version then it will be Roll out for All mainstream WhatsApp users. App users just need to update this application to the latest version From Google play store.

WhatsApp unsend feature – How its works

  • Its will be Very similar to Delete message option where we have to tape and Hold and then Tap on delete icon to Delete the selected conversation from our mobile phone.
  • Users simply have to tap+Hold that click on Unsend icon. Once this action Performed then the selected conversation will be Deleted from Senders Mobile phone, Recipient mobile phone and WhatsApp server. So the receiver will not able to see the message.

What’s You think about WhatsApp Unsend feature? Did you also Waiting this feature? Mention your opinions in comment section.


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