Here is How Win OnePlus 5 Phone in OnePlus contest from 14th to 20th June 2017


OnePlus 5 the latest mobile phone is just set to official release soon and This time The Chinese smartphone giant OnePlus is back with another Contest. Remember the last time on Diwali they offers the Android smartphone at rs 1 only to some selected lucky winners its seems like Oneplus 5 contest will continue this Craze among all indian fans. In oneplus 5 blind test contest we can we have chance to win win oneplus 5 Android powered smartphone which yet to be release in few days.

Win oneplus 5 Phone

The participation & the registration for oneplus 5 blind test contest is just start. As cleared in first para Under this competition we have the chance to win oneplus 5. So this is the perfect time to Get Android smartphone for free, To take part in this contest we don’t have to Follow any complex procedure but In an effort to win oneplus 5 smartphone you must have an account in oneplus official retailer website. So i recommend you to create brand new account right now . To do this You just head over the official website, Once you on the home page then you have to click hyperlink to go to oneplus contest page after which comply with the under steps to win oneplus 5 contest.

Under this contest company launches three different events First event will be held from 14 to 16th Jun 2017 second on 16th to 18th June & third/last even will be held on 18th to 20th June 2017. The first event name is Oneplus 5 blind test contest the rest of event name is still unknown. They will be reveal on their dates.

Oneplus 5 Contest Registration

To take part in Oneplus 5 Contest Registration users first need to head over to the official Website of Oneplus smartphone. Participant can find each & Every Important on that page including Oneplus 5 Contest registration page,  Oneplus 5 Blind Test Contest Registration Start Date, How to Claim Oneplus 5 Blind Test Contest Prizes, Oneplus 5 Contest Prizes, Oneplus 5 Contest registration site and the most important How to Participate in Oneplus 5 Contest.

You can follow the steps below to register yourself in this Contest to win Oneplus 5

  1. First of all, To win the Gift prizes we have to take participant in you should create Oneplus account so right now just head over to OnePlus official website.
  2. Once you on the page then you have to Contest registration page From 14th to 20th June the links will be available on the home page.
  3. New occasion might be up to date in each 2 days so we can continuesoly check about the next event details, Terms & conditions before its start.
  4. Follow the all instruction on that Web page to take Participant in OnePlus 5 contest.
  5. It fully is dependent upon your fortune, you’ll be able to win Oneplus 5 the order will be shipped after the official launching date.

Curious about Oneplus 5 Contest Prizes? well here under this contest they will offer OnePlus 5 Launch Event Tickets, Travel Backpack, Travel Messenger Bag, OnePlus Never Settle T-Shirts, other OnePlus 5 Accessories.

How to Claim Oneplus 5 Contest Prizes?

You won any Gift from this contest then you have to claim on it here i explain How to claim Oneplus 5 Blind Test Contest Prizes on Prizes of other events in same contest.

  1. The participant who becomes winner will be notified, Company will reward then a Coupon code and this code can be redeemed at their official online shopping store.
  2. By using OnePlus coupon code you avail your prize. The process is same as purchase a new product but here we will get specific products for Free.

So that’s how to win oneplus 5 oneplus 5 blind test contest by participating in the oneplus 5 contest from 14th to 20th jun 2017.


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